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the idea for DUENDE has been in my head for a number of year – pretty much since I disbanded the Quiddity Ensemble that I used to run in Australia until 2004.

the idea for this structure – a coming together of collaborators, all of who have had some (or extensive) connection with the way I train performers – really crystallised as a result of some emails from people saying ‘why don’t you get off your arse and set up an ensemble….?’

the details, and the first draft of ‘The Shattering Man’ emerged wen I took a holiday last november and rented a cottage in cumbria during which (and gloriously) it rained every day….

then there was planning, deciding who to invite to join, applying and being rejected for funding, times when it felt viable, times when it felt absurd, elation, disappointment, indifference…

then intensive planning, arrangements, dietary preferences, airports…

and so to today..

after a shared meal last night and a deep deep sleep – nothing but darkness and the occasional rustle of wind – and a slightly nervous breakfast, at 9.30 the ensemble began to converge for personal warm-up. I know them all, but from different contexts and each new configuration of people carries a unique energy to it. At 10.00 we stood and looked at the beautiful studio we are in, and listened to the landscape outside, and looked at the people who had each, individually, decided that they wanted to be here more than anywhere else, stepping outside lives. leaving behind loved ones, sacrificing income. One person is still to come so there is still the potential for even more, despite the fact that we already have so much.

And so the work began.  Gloriously. At a high level. With laughter. Dynamically. The configuration of people is unique and wonderful. The first DUENDE ensemble is starting to integrate

We’ve started.


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