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So. I applied for funding for the project from the Arts Council England. Only a bit of funding, as the majority of the cost of this project is met through the commitment of the participants to work unpaid. The Arts Council assessed the project as ‘a strong project’ which deserved funding. However, they have no money, so they rejected the application. It’s frustrating- even projects that meet all the criteria, are deemed strong and are only seeking a bit of marginal support to supplement a huge investment from the artists are unfundable because there is no money. Unless you are a bank. And bankers still seem surprised when people doubt that a meagre £1,000,000 bonus for their year’s work is justified….

On the other hand, the project goes ahead anyway. The money will be found because the project needs to happen and a lot of good people have committed themselves to it’s existence. We are free of having to justify ourselves to any government or bureaucracy and we are face to face with the reality of the new world we are all living in. We can justifiably claim that we pursue our vision and make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it, rather than only doing what the state permits through its largesse. On balance, that feels good. Good enough, at least.


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