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I had a quick look round Whitestone Arts where we’ll be residential for the first three weeks. It’s the first time I’ve seen it since it was finished. It is a beautiful place (which I already knew) and the studio is a really really beautiful space. Just standing in the barn, listening to the echo, made the whole old barn/new studio seem saturated with history and potential.I am hugely excited about how that space will transform for us during our time there, what gosts we can inject into the moor top farming menagerie that exist in there already?

Being up there on a bitterly cold (English) summer’s day also made me realise how three weeks of residence – working together, building understanding, eating together, getting closer, getting on each other’s nerves…. It will be a intense experience. If my experience of running residential workshops is anything to go by, the work will develop exponentially. We’ll start off wondering how we are going to get through three weeks, then things will snowball. Breakthroughs will build on breakthroughs. One person will find themselves inspired by another and the group will gradually or suddenly shift. It will be a time on the moors, of challenge and growth where the usual comforts of  life – the ability to run away and hide in our habits and technologies, will be removed.

I was hugely excited by the visit and a little daunted.

I hope the sun shines. When we are resident somewhere, it makes a real difference if the sun comes out…..



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  1. If my recent stay at the Au Brana Centre in France is anything to go by, the three weeks that I am going to do at Whitestones will be a time when I will encounter things about myself that I do not know; what I know but try to ignore in day to day life and most importantly encounter what I know but have forgotten. The other members of the ensemble will be a part of helping me to reveal, explore and take risks to discover new possibilities. This is what I think can give strength to an ensemble. When we play a part in each other’s development whilst committed to being on the same journey. As for the weather………if it’s hot (I’d even settle for warm……..in fact , if it just doesn’t rain!) that always helps! I am excited and anxious about the three weeks but cannot wait for it to be here.

  2. From JOHN –

    one of the things of course that happens in a residency – as per the workshops I run at Au Brana – is the process of experience/reflection becomes intensified. This is partly because one has no sooner engaged in a period of reflection on something that happened in the studio than you are back in the studio having a new experience. Also, because the rest of the ensemble is always about when one is not in the studio, one tends to share the reflective process and that enhances it’s depth (usually). Also however when the whole process is rurally based, one does not have the other ‘distractions’ of daily, urban living to hide behind. This means one spends more time face to face with the reality of how you are RIGHT NOW… It’s hugely powerfully, but occasionally overwhelming too. It makes you realise how much the ‘busy-ness’ of our daily lives is often a distraction from paying attention to reality rather than reality itself. Being in such an environment is really rich. Getting away from it is often really good too…

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